Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Outsource Your Chores matches those with more money than time (and things that need to get done) to those with more time than money. The result should be an exchange that makes both parties happy. This looks like a great way to make some extra money or get some work done cheaply that would otherwise go undone.


Blogging Starter Checklist

Squidoo has an excellent article on blogging. It covers everything from starting up to publicizing to making money.


Rules for Blogging

Although quite old, the rules for blogging published by Guy Kawasaki are still mostly relevant and useful for the new blogger.


Grand Opening!

40hr Work Week is officially open for business. This blog will feature information on how to make the most of your hard earned money. Unlike all the others, 40hr Work Week will feature practical advice and tips that don't leave you with a gaping void for the sake of future security.